Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our trip to Boise

I am finally updating our blog. We did not have Internet for awhile, so that put a hold on my blogging.The first week August we made the long trip home to see our family and to meet our new little niece, Avery Grace.

Here are the kids excitedly waiting to board the plane. They did surprisingly well on the plane. It may have something to do with the enormous amount of snacks that I packed, I don't know.

After our visit Carter said, "I have a lot of grandpas and grandmas. But I like them. They are nice." They kids were thoroughly spoiled by all the grandparents.
Fun in the park with Granny:

Uncle Jeff:
Grandma Long and Piper:

And here is the star of the show!!! Isn't she precious?!

Piper Rose absolutely loves Avery. If you ask her anything about Avery, she will cock her head to one side and say, "Avery....cute...".

Buddy Boy was equally smitten and would periodically stop playing to run over and kiss his little cousin. He also allowed Avery to hold Monkey...which is really the most sincere gesture of love and comfort he can extend.

Andy had a conference he went to straight from Boise, so the kids and I stayed an extra week. But of course it is never longing enough. Here were some highlights or our last week...

Enjoying some sprinklers:

Papa took Carter to the Fire Department! Carter wanted to wear all his gear because the "fire man will be so proud of me".

Papa and Nana bought him his first bike.


Auntie Bre-bre painting Rosie's toes for the first time! She was so happy about it. She would just periodically look down at her feet and smile and say, "Pink toes!"

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