Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Baby...

I am now 20.5 weeks pregnant. On Monday we went in for our ultrasound. We had decided that we would find out the sex of the baby (we didn't with Carter). We are having a girl!!!! We are so excited and pleased. It will be fun to have one of each and see the differences. We are hoping that we will have a nice calm little girl that will soften and settle Carter down. From the looks of the ultrasound though we might end up with another crazy child. She was so wiggly that the ultrasound tech was having a hard time getting a clear shot. She wouldn't hold still. We did however, get a very clear shot of the part that matter, so we are very sure she is a girl. :) Everything else looked healthy and good. We praise the Lord for another sweet baby! I can't wait to meet her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Times

We have been busy lately. Just after the 4th we headed over to visit Andy's Grandma at her house on the Oregon Coast. We had a very relaxing time visiting with her and Aunt Cindi and cousin Katie. From there we met the Goldsmiths and the younger Carricos at Battleground, Oregon for some fun times camping. Carter loved camping, mainly because were so many rocks and sticks readily available. He also likes dirt and water and the campsite had both, so it was perfect. After a couple of fun days there, we left the Carricos in Portland and the rest of drove back to our place. We had an activity packed week showing Nana and Papa and the aunties all our favorite hang out spots. It was very sad to see them all go home. It is so hard to have Carter actually comprehend (or not really) that they are gone. This morning Carter woke up and the first thing he asked for was Papa and Nae (the two names he says the best) and wanted to go downstairs and check to see if they were here. We went for a walk at Greenlake this morning and every man that walked by Carter asked "Papa?". Sniff, sniff.
Not to disappoint you all, I have included several choice photographs from our fun filled weeks "abroad".

This picture perfectly captured our short walk on the beach. Cold, windy, screaming baby.

A little trucker at a rest stop.

Enjoying the horse races. Making big money.

A sunny day at Alki Beach.

A big boy haircut.

We were strolling through Greenlake when we suddenly realized that we no longer had Monkey in the stroller. This was very serious because Monkey goes everywhere with Carter and is required for peaceful sleeping. We quickly turned around and retraced our steps. We finally saw Monkey perched atop a trash can. We were all very relieved. From then on the stroller-pusher was required to maintain eye contact with Monkey at all times as he has proven to be a rather sneaky and devious escape artist.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Berry Vampire

Upon reviewing my last post, Andy requested that I include the picture of our berry-vampire, which I had previously omitted. After eating his weight in strawberries and dirt clods Carter is looking a little vicious.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We had a very fun Fourth of July. In the morning we went with Mike and Faith and picked strawberries and raspberries. They were so yummy. We all liked them but Carter seemed to enjoy them the most. Carter was a very good picker- however none of his berries made it into the basket. Most of them went into his mouth and the rest he squished on Daddy.
After the berries, we went back to Mike and Faith's and ate hamburgers and hung out while Carter took a nap. Them we all went over to Brett and Emilie's for s'mores.
Here are some pictures of the our berry picking adventure.

What we do...well, mostly just what the kids do