Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been a hot week so far. We hit 103 yesterday, breaking all previous records. Seattlites are wimps when it comes to heat. When we first moved here Andy and I made fun of them. "Big cry babies. We see that kind of heat all the time in Boise". But, when you remove AC from he equation we are whining right along with the rest of them.
The one wonderful things is there is plenty of water around here to cool off in. (Much to my husbands dismay. He is a notorious hater of water, sand, chaffing and all things beach). Piper Rose was born with her father's hatred of cold water. They both had the same pained look on their faces as the obligingly dipped their toes in. Carter and I had fun.

Carter enjoying our little pool.

Is that not the cutest baby body in the cutest baby suit you have ever seen!?

Snack break after swimming at Greenlake

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More fun Summer Days

The weather has been beautiful lately. We been on a couple fun outings in honor of the blue skies.
This is Carter enjoying some yummy ice cream from Molly Moon's in Wallingford. It tasted quite nice after a hour in the hot sun trying to coax Carter into the wading pool. He was a little freaked out by all the rowdy children.

Later that week we went for a fun walk around Queen Anne and Kerry Park.
Here are the kiddos in their new hot ride.
Both the children are thrilled about the new pool from Nana and Papa. Piper lovew it because it makes Carter do funny things and she loves to laugh with him. Carter loves it because, welll, mostly it's just an excuse to get "nakey" and carry all Mom's mixing bowls outside to dump water into.

And last but not least.... guess who is on the move??? Our very own Piper Rose! Below is the video to prove it. We don't call it crawling yet, we call it the caterpillar.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and a Baseball Game

We had a fun 4th of July. We went with our friends the Carpenters to the Ballard Locks for a picnic. Then game back home for some "fireworks" and pizza. Carter liked the fireworks, but was fascinated with the smoke. "See the smoke going up, buddy?" (He adds "buddy" to everything since we apparently do as well).

On Sunday we wen to our first Aquasox game. Their mascot is a frog (not sure what the connection is; maybe since frogs like water, or maybe they are aqua colored....).
The frog was quite a hit with Carter-boy. For some reason he started calling it "the happy little frog". (It did in fact have a cute little smile.) When he wasn't saying, "See the guys, see the guys hit the ball", he was saying, "Happy little frog? Happy little frog?"
All and all I think that he had a good time. (The addition of potato chips to the experience didn't hurt his assessment of the overall experience either.)

Not be be out done Piper Rose is just as cute as her brother. She has started eating solids these days. We tried sweet potatoes for the first time and she loved them.

This is a video of her new trick. I am not exactly sure what she is trying to accomplish.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Videos

Here are a couple of videos.

This one is of Piper's first ride in a swing. Juding from hhe speed her feet were kicking, I think that she may have liked it.

This is one of Carter making Papa's birthday card. Happy Birthday Papa. We love you! (And your card will be there on Saturday:)

What we do...well, mostly just what the kids do