Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Catch-up Blogging

To my three faithful blogger readers, I apologize that it has been so long since we have posted some pictures. I have felt a little crazy lately. However be assured that Carter has been plenty cute and we have some fun pictures to share.

For Father's Day and just for fun we went down to Pike's Market and walked around. There was a boat show which we got to walk through. Carter's favorite part was the pigeons.

We have been feeling bad for Carter since we don't really have too much of a yard for him to play in so we went and got him a sandbox- he loves it!

Here we have some pictures of Carter's latest pastime: ant hunting. His intention is not necessarily to kill (though more often than not this does inadvertently happen), he is more into the sport for the thrill it provides. One never knows where those little guys will show up. You are just going along and then POW there it is. It does require some special tracking skills because ants are very small and can get away very quickly. It is best just to lay on your tummy because this way you are close enough to follow the prey's every move. This is at least Carter's method.

An ant sighting:

Oh my goodness Mom....look!

This is so much fun. I love ants!

What we do...well, mostly just what the kids do