Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few videos

Here are a few videos mainly for the grandparents and aunties. The first one demonstrates the fearlessness and exuberance of our youngest and the second highlights olders's first attempt at singing his ABC's. Sorry for the lack of pants in the last one. It couldn't be helped.

Happy Easter!

Jesus is risen! We are so thankful for that every day and especially on Easter. We celebrated by having our community group over for a brunch and then hid a few Easter eggs. The eggs were confusing for Carter. We definately wanted to put the emphasis on Jesus and not eggs. However in an effort to reconcile both of them he decided that Jesus came back from the dead and brought us eggs and bunnies. Oh, well....we tried :)

Same goofy smile!? Must run in the family :)

What we do...well, mostly just what the kids do