Monday, December 6, 2010

Fall, Thanksgiving, and a Birthday

We are going way back. Back to the fall....which was really like three weeks ago. Three days ago it was still in the 60's. The south does not know how to do winter. But autumn...that it does beautifully. It really was gorgeous and if you like wearing shorts in November it is the place to be! Below are some pictures of a little hike we did to soak in some of the fall colors that the pictures fail to do justice.

Carter insisted on wearing his "pack-pack". (He only still calls it that because I still call it that:) He seemed like such a big boy on the hike. He walked the whole way, crawling up rocks and jumping off, throwing rocks, and smacking things with sticks....just like a boy! He is growing up.

Here is a little video from our hike. My two favorite parts: the way Piper walks and that fact that Carter has no idea why he is banging on things with a stick. My two least favorite parts: the way I video taped it sideways and the fact that I do not know how to fix it.

Thanksgiving we spent with our sweet friends the Conrads and Morgans. We cooked and ate way to much food. It was so fun. I am so thankful for friends who feel like family. What a blessing the family of God has been to us this past year!
We also just celebrated my 26th birthday! No, I don't feeling any older because I never can remember how old I even am so I lack a point of reference. Perhaps this in and of itself proof of my aging brain (or the fact that I have two small brain-power absorbing children).
My birthday wish was to go on a date with my husband. My sweet friend Melissa granted me this wish and watched our kids. Andy took me out to dinner and shopping and showered me with gifts. Then on Sunday we had friends over to eat cake with us! It was a wonderful weekend!

Failed cake=yummy chocolate trifle
Now, I am getting ready for Christmas which begins as soon as we land in Boise on the 13th of December! We will be there for three weeks! I am soooo excited! So, dear blog readers (all three of you), I want you to prepare yourself for a month of silence because I will be too busy having fun with family, playing in the snow, and eating very good food to blog.

What we do...well, mostly just what the kids do